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Issues you might bring

You are probably looking for help because you are experiencing issues you are finding difficult to manage on your own. These issues and difficulties might include:

  • feelings of anxiety or depression

  • stress at work and burnout

  • lack of confidence and self esteem

  • feelings of loneliness and isolation

  • difficulties in relationships

  • living with the legacy of traumatic experiences

  • stressful family life

  • separation or divorce

  • anger

  • a sense of being out of control

  • lack of motivation and deeper meaning in life and a sense of something missing

  • feelings of surviving rather than thriving.

  • difficulty in making choices or in achieving certain goals, such as career changes.

We all face difficulties and many of these issues at some points in our lives. But sometimes they can feel overwhelming and can keep us stuck, or make us feel that we are not coping or managing. Seeking help is acknowledgement of this and a first step towards helping you develop the self knowledge, skills and new ways of managing to overcome these difficulties. 

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